Dish Upon a Star

C’mon, Ladies

Posted on: July 17, 2010

Paris Hilton was supposedly busted for doobies at a Corsica Airport. I admire her ability to make headlines after we stopped caring. Really, it’s sad when untalented people fade from the limelight. Paris is young, though. She needs to devote her life to charity or get a Ph.D.

On another snoozy note, Elizabeth Hurley will bore us to tears by doing a reality show about her organic farm. Hurley + Organic = Double Zzzzzz. I’d rather see Hugh Grant do an infomercial on face cream.

Call me Detective Benson but I’m troubled by the picture of Mel’s babymama with the punched-in teeth. It’s as if she’s smiling for the camera. I’m a cheerleader for the victim getting justice and yet this case is beyond bizarre. Clearly, Mel’s crazy. Is Oksana just as loony? The only person who would know is Timothy Dalton who fathered her first child. Remember the glory days when Dalton and Vanessa Redgrave were an item?

Dish is watching The Bounty Hunter. It’s terrible despite the chemistry between Aniston and Butler. The moral of the story is: Aniston has a hot bod and Gerard can carry her over his shoulder.


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