Dish Upon a Star

I am…

Posted on: August 2, 2010

…really intrigued by the new Angelina book by Andrew Morton. Give me a rag any day. To counter this assault on my brain cells, I will read 10 more pages of Proust. Dish needs to know the truth about Ange, though I doubt it will contain surprises. Except one: She dated Timothy Hutton? How did that happen? This mother/do-gooder/monogamous thing has never totally rung true to Dish, mostly because there was such a switch after her relationship with Billy Bob. People are more complicated than that and it’s obvious she had big, gaping scars from childhood. I’m a fan of the Angelina of old–the one who did Gia, made out with her brother and carried blood around her neck. Maybe I’ve just seen too much of her in the last five years and am tired. She and Brad do make adorable children.

Discuss: Rob Lowe on Parks and Recreations. A step down from Brothers & Sisters? He seems to make terrible career decisions.


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