Dish Upon a Star

Divorce, Babies, and Gale. Always Gale.

Posted on: August 23, 2010

Dish’s favorite “Good Witch” Catherine Bell just had her second baby, a boy. I heart Catherine and wish her and family great joy. Everyone is giving birth and getting baby bumps these days. Like maybe Mariah Carey? Some pics have been circulating where she has either eaten too many Ding Dongs or she’s preggo. It builds the buzz and buzz is all a celeb has these days.

Let’s hope the buzz of Tiger Woods’s divorce keeps his clubs afloat. Funny how on the same day, news breaks that Rachel Uchitel has messed with Jeremy London’s marriage during Celebrity Rehab–all Mensa candidates!

Anyway, who cares? More importantly: to up my gayness after FB’s declaration that I was 0% gay, I rewatched the finale of Queer As Folk, shedding a tear as Ted blows out his birthday candles then sees Blake. Somewhere in my sleep, I had a Gale Harold dream and it wasn’t one of those good ones. Picture it: I’m in a Hudson News kiosk in Boston. I spend my hard-earned money on a magazine called Pulse (?) with Gale’s likeness on the cover. Gale enters the kiosk and I drop everything on the ground (as happened once with Harrison Ford). Does he help me pick it up (HF at least smiled at me)? No, Gale says, “That’s desperate” and walks away. Definitely desperate, but did he have to be so mean about it?


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