Dish Upon a Star

Scary Saintly Angelina

Posted on: September 7, 2010

I keep thinking: What big thing is about to blow in celebrity-land? It’s been the same story: Lindsay, Mel, drugs, cheating, housewife, drugs, cheating, divorce, baby bump, charity drive. My No-DSL vacation might be for the best. I’ve been immersed in Andrew Morton’s biography on Angelina Jolie, which makes me see how screwed up her whole family is. I mean, REALLY screwed up, beyond what I could imagine for her. With each page, I grow more tired, sad over her life and wondering what will happen next. As expected, she’s super-complex and it’s hard to envision all the phases she’s survived. For me, she’s too big to watch on screen anymore and I can’t see her as a character. Nor do the people in her life seem much more than props. She’s left behind lots of buried bodies. To wrap my mind around the whole history, I have to see her as a humanitarian in the end, for all the traveling and charity work she does, which is impressive.

Angelina is definitely both a destructive and creative force. And when you talk destructive, I mean, super-destructive, as in someone must have been watching over her. And creative for being able to change so powerfully. I enjoy her earlier work the most: Gia and The Bone Collector. Hope she continues to pursue charity with a passion, but I’m glad I never crossed paths with her in high school as she would have stepped on me…and I’m so much older than she is.


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