Dish Upon a Star

Every Tom, Dick and Franco

Posted on: October 7, 2010

So busy with work, wedding and treadmilling. Now I have to keep up with all the celebs making videos for gay youth and bullying. Stars should make the videos because they are teachers–they’ve been through it, have more influence than anyone. If George Clooney does a telethon for gay youth, I’m not holding back. I will fake being a teen in crisis. Talking to Jack Nicholson or Jennifer Aniston will cure me.

Dish is reading Andrew Morton’s unauthorized biography of Tom Cruise. Bottom line: He’s WAY less interesting than Angelina. Have not gotten to the Mimi or Nicole years yet. Mostly, he had dicky father, turned into a big control freak pain in the ass–not surprising. I went to school with a million Toms. Not sure if I ever believed the gay rumors.

Go to to see James Franco in drag. Yes, very interesting. It’s one thing after the next, with him, isn’t it?


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