Dish Upon a Star

We All Need the Human Touch

Posted on: October 13, 2010

When you see, hear Rick Springfield, don’t you just wanna smile? Dish does. He’s on the circuit now for his new tell-all Late Late At Night and, in interviews, comes off as super-human, as in quivery and vulnerable. I’m ignoring certain domestic abuse reports from years ago–senior moment! At least, he admits to effing other women in his past, that he’s nuts b/c of depression. While Dish has enough troubles without scraping a rock star off the floor every time he sees his shadow, I enjoy RS overall and wish him health and happiness.

When Santana and Brittany made out on last night’s Glee, I thought, Oh right, that happens every day. Oh wait, they’re actually SHOWING IT ON TV. And on Fox. Quite a breakthrough for TV to feature teen girls going at it–well, teen boys tend to get overlooked as well. Ryan Murphy certainly brings gender, sexuality issues to the forefront.

After being called a hypocrite during all the bullying stories, Perez Hilton vowed to be less nasty in this new declaration: I like Perez and hope this new direction doesn’t make him all PC. It’s a fine line between entertainment and public execution.

Hurray for the Chilean miners!


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