Dish Upon a Star

Catching Up on Netflix

Posted on: October 18, 2010

It’s amazing to think Robert Pattinson can do more than be a vampire but he stars in Remember Me, which Dish watched purely for the twist. The movie itself is a little dull with the usual young romance–she’s adorable, vulnerable and blond. He’s a mess but ruffled, sensitive and holds her hair when she hurls jello shots. He also reads books, which makes him intense. An annoying best friend, the scars of the past and a dicky father create conflict, but love ensues with some nice performances by Pierce Brosnan (more toward the end), Chris Cooper, Lena Olin and the little strange girl who plays the daughter. The last fifteen minutes make the movie worth watching. You can wash dishes, iron and putter up until 90 minutes in.

In celeb news, Alicia Keys had a boy, confirming my pregnancy code. Famous parents-to-be always publicize the due date as later so that the media won’t be hanging around the hospital/tub/home. I wasn’t expecting Alicia to deliver until next month. Now Matt Damon’s wife is about to drop her fourth any second now.


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