Dish Upon a Star

Solo Friday

Posted on: October 30, 2010

I’m trying to deny the latest terrorist threat. I don’t feel fear so much as annoyance. The timing also bugs me. There’s no good time for an attack (unless a sweet panic attack during Duran Duran concert b/c so exciting), but the timing is particularly suspicious. So let’s talk about mundane stuff:

The latest couple alert: Cameron Diaz and Glee’s Matthew Morrison. This is a step up from A-Rod but I don’t have hope of this lasting because, well, MM’s star is on the rise and Cameron needs a great movie (that doesn’t star Ashton Kitchen). I do see some chem b/w them, tho.

Allegedly, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have set their wedding date: December 5th. I’m so relieved. It woulda been so embarrassing to have us both married during the same weekend. Sorta why I picked a Sunday!

The Randy Quaids–crazy! I totally expect to see them on an episode of Snapped. TG and I love that show.

Because I’m alone this weekend, I’m catching up on bad Dish marathon television watching. Here are my verdicts: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are mostly barking hideous and wear bright cheap dresses. I enjoy Camille and feel bad for Taylor who is in an unhappy marriage (never settle!); CSI: NY, I almost fell asleep it was so boring and I usually adore Sela Ward. The stars just aren’t exciting. Blue Bloods: Tom Selleck’s dye job frightening but the show itself is marginally better than most of its ilk. Kudos to Donnie Wahlberg (always excellent), Jennifer Esposito, and Bridget Moynihan. A good cast.


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