Dish Upon a Star

Dish Got Her Flu Shot. Did You?

Posted on: November 8, 2010

Last night, a swoony man-kiss on Desperate Housewives–wahoo, ABC! Then lots of hissy fits and the promise of geezer sex on Brothers & Sisters. Speaking of which, Keith Super-UberMann returns to MSNBC after a measly three days. Really? There is no recourse for breaking rules anymore. The rule itself was silly (since it’s silly to pretend that journalists are ever so objective, especially about campaigns) but the punishment ridiculous.

Today’s Diarrhea: Eric Roberts called Kate Gosselin a “child abuser,” Gretchen Mol is preggers, Christina Aguilera may or may not be canoodling with her Burlesque assistant.

Just listened to a clip of Duran Duran’s new song “Being Followed” (birthed with their latest collaboration–Mark Ronson)and I’m not wowed. I might grow into it, as I did with “Union of the Snake” and “Reach Up for the Sunrise.” My feeling is that DD needs super-funk and Nile Rogers again. Oh wait…is he still alive? And that Simon’s voice be less whiny but deeper as it was in “Rio.” That said, I loved their last album “Red Carpet Massacre,” esp. “Falling Down,” “The Valley,” and “She’s Too Much.”


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