Dish Upon a Star

A Day Off from Rehab? Really?

Posted on: November 14, 2010

I don’t get it. How does Lindsay Lohan get a day off from rehab at Betty Ford? Does everyone get this treatment? Being in a confined space is hard and excuse me if Dish is old school, but you just grit your teeth and bear it. If I were an addict and my life/career were on the line, I’d spend a year in rehab and re-emerge like a phoenix from the flames. Like Aerosmith.

Today’s viewing included Cher’s appearance on Letterman. I like their chemistry and just love Cher overall. Who doesn’t? Particularly interesting is her trouble accepting her daughter who’s now her son, though she seems to actively work on this and she stands by him. It is dangerous to gloss over the very real difficulties that parents have in dealing with this issue. As much as parents should accept their children and who they are, it’s not always that easy.

TG doesn’t know it yet but I’m about to subject him to The Good Witch’s Gift, starring the excellent Catherine Bell.


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