Dish Upon a Star

Thank Goodness!

Posted on: November 14, 2010

Jessica Simpson got engaged within days of her ex-husband Nick Lachey. It’s always important to do better than your ex and upstage him/her. Jessica gets to show him that she’s moved on (tho think she’s the one who dissed him). In a similar vein, fresh from being cheated on, LeAnn Rimes’s ex got engaged. Not a second to spare in the Game of Life.

John Travolta flew his ass to Australia to celebrate Qantas until he heard his wife Kelly Preston went into labor. I hope he’s back in time to tell her–quietly, as this is a Scientology birth–to Push! Maybe since no one’s watching, Kelly could sneak in a scheduled C-section or big ole epidural to minimize the discomfort. Random question: Is there any “science” involved in “Scientology?” At least my religion “Damonetics” has to do with furthering the cause/teachings of Matt Damon (I’m just one of the Elders. The High Priest is Dishfriend).

And now, just because it’s the kind of song one needs to hear/watch over and over again:, then listen to the fabulous Katy Perry’s version, also gives one the shivers: Dish’s second favorite Glee song: Love all the Madonnas!


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