Dish Upon a Star

Beauty and the Beauty

Posted on: November 23, 2010

Devastating but understandable: Kate Winslet split with hot model boyfriend. This kind of news makes me cry because they were so beautiful together. It’s inevitable that she’ll rebound with someone less hot, as she’s done before. We’ve all done it. Held Adonis in our hands until he transformed into Narcissus and couldn’t stop staring at himself in the lake. Who’s left but Hephaestus, the lame blacksmith of the gods–though he did marry Aphrodite. She gets all the guys!

Some good evidence that Jessica Simpson might be preggers. Purse held close to belly, sudden pullout of interview, telling Harry Smith he wouldn’t want to smell her breath right then. It’s about time we had another Simpson in the world. Maybe she’s preggers before Vanessa Minillo but not before Pink–a total coup.

In more important news: Dish is veering toward vegetarianism and no-gluten, though this could fade with Thanksgiving and the lure of Portuguese rolls–not to mention my best friend: Cake.


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