Dish Upon a Star

My Endless Love

Posted on: November 24, 2010

Two British hearts beat as one starting on April 29, 2011. Dammit, I’m not missing another royal wedding. I have Kate/Wills fever along with the rest of the world. Consider Dish in front of the television from dusk to dawn!

From dawn to yawn, Gabriel Aubry seems to be dating Kim Kardashian. Such a step down in many ways though Kim is in the spotlight than Halle. Then again, Halle has a hotter boyfriend and her Oscar, which are both better rewards.

In other news, Kelsey Grammer allegedly tried to keep his 6.5 million $ love shack from his ex Camille, the one who gave the best years of her life (though not bad to live in a mansion and have icky husband gone most of the time). Now, if only I didn’t love Kelsey so much as Frasier!


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