Dish Upon a Star

Another Diva’s Birthday!

Posted on: December 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to Britney Spears! Her special day arrives in the midst of controversy regarding her current BF. Star and her first husband allege Brit’s BF is beating the crap out of her and, interestingly, bruise photos have surfaced. Is it real or Photoshop? Is Britney being abused or is this more famewhoring? I find it difficult to believe she’s only 29. She’s gone through so much already. Put me in a rubber room, y’all!

In a freaky ending, a potential suspect in the Ronnie Chasen murder shot himself when confronted by police. I’m sorry but I would rather see this on Criminal Minds and not in real life. Dish is scared!

Further scariness, I’m having visions of overrated Tarentino and Uma drinking champagne out of her shoes during his Roast. Must focus on news that Katie Couric will be on Glee possibly after Superbowl. I love Katie! Don’t care if she’s a diva. She’s kept me strong since 1991.


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