Dish Upon a Star

Sunday Thoughts

Posted on: December 5, 2010

Stars say goodbye to their New York landmark, Elaine Kaufman, who died this week. Upon moving to NYC in 1997, Dish went to Elaine’s to announce her arrival to everyone. Sat at the bar, had a Sprite, no big whoop but soaked in the history. Blessings on Elaine’s comings and goings.

Dish had wedding nightmares–people sleeping in the front row, announcer getting Dish’s name wrong, fear of fainting at the altar. In the midst of this, I also dreamt that Simon Le Bon made a spectacular splash in the fashion world by modeling flashy red dresses. Everyone was agog and aflutter over his wild stylings and flair.

Did you hear Danny Bonaduce got married? Another child-actor train wreck but I have to stick by the gingies. I hope they’re happy.

Today’s Post was full of exciting news: review of new Cleopatra book, Alexa Ray Joel sexily proclaims she’s worked hard on herself through hard work, Diddy supported a breast cancer charity, took his fee but left the charity with nothing. Are there two sides to this story? Reminds me of a scene in Maid in Manhattan where J.Lo rants about Ralph Fiennes spending a lot of money on a charity event when it could have gone straight to charity. J.Lo, Diddy–remember those days?

Now struggling with whether or not to see The Black Swan. The movie posters scare the piss out of me and I have a problem with Natalie Portman based on no logical assessment of her talent (probably female jealousy–smart, beautiful, talented and has the love of Julia). Recently, Julia raved about Natalie, wanting to rub her feet, so am rethinking my stance altogether.


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