Dish Upon a Star

Dish Accidentally Exercised in Public with Pantyhose Stuck to Running Pants!!!

Posted on: December 10, 2010

JJ had a star sighting: Alan Rickman at 23rd and 5th at about 3:15. According to JJ, Alan looked “good” but has gone completely gray. Mr. Rickman could wear a bikini and rainbow wig for all I care. He must be revered at all times.

So, Seth Meyers was the choice to regale at the White House Correspondents dinner. Really? He can be funny sometimes but help is needed. This season’s SNL has been beyond awful.

The savior would be Aaron Sorkin who just ripped Sarah Palin a new one: It’s official: I love him and agree with everything he says. Palin bashing has gotten very old for me, but he’s pure entertainment and smarts.

In sadder news, it seems Aretha Franklin might have pancreatic cancer. I hope she finds comfort and better health in the days to come.


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