Dish Upon a Star

You’re Welcome

Posted on: December 12, 2010

Finally got around to watching The Expendables: Smirky banter, machine gun, smirky banter, boob implants, machine gun, banter, face lift, tattoo, machine gun, OMP armpits, banter, banter, conspiracy, machine gun. Jason Stratham and Jet Li seemed the only ones in shape enough for this action movie, though Dish applauds all geriatrics who hobble to the gym. As always, Mickey Rourke was a delight. I can’t help loving him.

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden married yesterday. Having kiddies seems to have calmed Nicole down, though I miss her outrageousness from The Simple Life. Now she’s so…mature.

Carrie Fisher might have accidentally outed John Travolta. I guess it’s not so shocking given many in Hollywood swing everywhere and it’s possible to be gay and carry on a loving heterosexual marriage. It’s a little tactless of Carrie to spew, but we rumor whores love all spillage.


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