Dish Upon a Star

Countdown to Matrimony: Wedding Movie #7

Posted on: December 23, 2010

Mickey Blue Eyes: Every few years, I convince myself this movie might improve with another viewing. NO SUCH LUCK! It’s entirely soporific though, as you can tell, Dish is on a Hugh Grant binge. At best, MBE makes no sense. The chemistry between Hugh and Jeanne? Foggedaboudit! No matter how talented they are, the sizzle ain’t there. You don’t have to be psychic John Edward to know what happened. Some McKee-worshipping-25-year-old went into a studio exec’s office and “pitched” the idea. The studio exec *loved* the Four Weddings and a Funeral meets The Godfather story and saw dollar signs. Seven people probably worked on the crappy script and now it’s DOA.

Lovely wedding dress, though. Too bad Dish can’t wear white. (And not just b/c of lack of purity)


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