Dish Upon a Star

Happy Birthday to Susan Lucci!!!

Posted on: December 23, 2010

And Eddie Vedder and Ralph Fiennes, but mostly Susan (who reminds us a little of Dishmama)!

Dish did something very embarrassing today–all for love. Love of TG, love of my upcoming wedding…and love of Duran Duran. I bombarded Roger Taylor’s Facebook page with information about my ceremony music. I figured since FB’s quiz “Which Duran Duran Member Are You?” indicated I’m Roger, he’d enjoy this news. Simon, John and Nick might be too flashy to get Dish’s quietness. Plus, Roger and I love the same song on the new Duran Duran album. Can you tell I’m trying to project my nervous excitement onto DD rather than obsess about wedding. This is a crazy time. Will the lambs stop screaming, Clarisse?

Poor Jets coach Rex Ryan with his foot fetish hitting the Internets. Everyone has their thing. Mine is…all over this blog. And if you haven’t heard yet, here’s a Christmas present: Jersey Shore‘s Pauly D will get his own show because he’s sooooo interesting. Perhaps he’ll be discussing Cicero’s speeches against Cataline.


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