Dish Upon a Star

Happy Birthday to Dishbrother!

Posted on: December 26, 2010

I’ve been blessed with a wonderful older brother. Not only is he handsome (therefore allowed into the family), but also smart, protective, spiritual and a real gentleman. Instead of posting a picture of him, I’ll post his doppelganger (though DB is more the result of what would happen if Russell had sex with Eric Stoltz). Here’s to Dishbrother! May this year be better than he could possibly imagine. I love you, bro!!!

Back to those stars of the screen: Dr. Drew has recently come out to say that Brangelina will split in “nuclear” fashion. For the sake of their children, I hope this doesn’t happen. Dr. Drew speaks out a lot about the stars and tends to have tact issues, though I kind of agree with everything he says (except about Sandra Bullock). I made the mistake of watching Celebrity Rehab and became addicted. That Janice Dickinson continues to be FIERCE.


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