Dish Upon a Star

Countdown to Matrimony: Wedding Movie #12

Posted on: December 29, 2010

Say Yes to the Dress: Season 1–I tried to avoid wedding reality shows but now I wish I hadn’t. They are life-affirming to me right now. I see brides freaking out (I’m doing some of this), brides being indecisive (that’s me), brides being super controlling (also me) and worried about being nervous right before and will I look okay, so many people there, do I seem bridal enough, will I have a nervous breakdown at the altar, OMG am I hyperventilating, is my face sagging, why is my forehead so shiny, these heels are so damn high, I’ll trip, will I get an inner ear infection as I walk down the aisle, if I don’t sleep or eat, will I still be marvelous? OMG is everyone okay? Did I offend anyone, do these escort cards look like cheap crap, my makeup will crease into my face, why do I like the sparkly pens, I’m not in kindergarten! The wedding organizer will sh*t on me for pushing the vegetarian option, and why the f*ck didn’t I get my chipped front tooth fixed before my big day?????

So…deep breath…yes, it’s good to watch all this because I won’t feel alone in this bridal experience. The only thing I feel sure about is that I’m marrying my Prince Charming and I can’t wait to be his wifeepoo. Have lost count of how many times I’ve tried on my gold band.


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