Dish Upon a Star

Countdown to Matrimony: Wedding Movie #18

Posted on: January 4, 2011

The Mirror Has Two Faces: Two weddings, so much Barbra. I tend to watch this one a few times a year. Not only do I love Barbra, but I adore how inaccurate this movie is. First she wears a pink bridesmaid dress to Mimi Rogers’s third wedding. Notice how her hair is very Little House on the Prairie as she stuffs her face full of Snowballs and gets indignant when Pierce Brosnan (who used to be into her) reeks of booze at his own wedding. The one thing Babs does well? She’s a Columbia Prof of English! And knows everyone’s name in the 200+ lecture hall. She says “f*ck” during her class, even points to her boobies and says, “Yes, I have breasts.” Most tantalizing are her hands. Those long nails, elegant fingers–I can’t get enough of her hand gestures! Then comes Jeff Bridges–gorgeous, intellectual, into prime numbers and boring in a cute way. Babs and Jeff strike up a friendship that turns into a platonic marriage (how could you DO that with Babs OR with Jeff??? Especially when she wears the cleaving busting nightie??), then conflict as Babs reveals her hormonal urges. Lauren Bacall is brilliant and Barbra is epic! Jeff probably got a big wad of cash, though I would pay to work with Mrs. James Brolin.


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