Dish Upon a Star

Was It Just Sex?

Posted on: January 5, 2011

Tragedy strikes Hollywood as Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal break up. Two months was enough? That poor girl has had quite a romantic history. What’s next for Taylor?

I’m more worried about Selena Gomez who’s getting death threats for allegedly kissing pop zygote Justin Bieber. Reminds of when I first saw Donny Osmond with his new wife. I cried for days, clutching my purple socks. And then I moved on to the late Elvis Presley.

Five minutes of last night’s The Bachelor made me cringe. So Bad Brad went to a therapist and worked through his commitment-phobia (America, there are bigger problems in the world). Now he’s ready to date on television again, i.e. find his wife, and has been unleashed to a pack of angry or aroused women. Did I watch more than five minutes? That’s between me and


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