Dish Upon a Star

Monday, Thou Art More Lovely…

Posted on: January 10, 2011

Monday is my favorite day. You get to begin anew and re-immerse yourself in structure. Next Monday will be the first full day of my married life. On Monday, I’m organized. By Friday, I’m scattered and tired.

So here is my list:

Janet Jackson is going on tour. I envision so much gay energy surrounding this, I must attend. I love watching her dance and lip-sync!

Nikki Sixx and Denise Richards have broken up. 2011 is off to a good start. Also for Ryan Reynold and Sandra Bullock who will now receive even more relentless paparazzi attention (take that, Jesse James!). Despite Sandy’s denial, they’ve been caught visiting each other in Wyoming.

In a chiseled and sexually confused Men’s Health poll (, women in their 40s are more likely to sleep with man on the first date than in their 20s. Um…okay. I was supposed to wait till my 40s?

The ongoing Spitzer/Parker drama continues with rumors that Parker will leave at any second. No woman can sit next to him. Spitzer is a scenery chewer and no one but himself will do.

Today’s blind items in the Post are KILLING ME. The answers are on the tip of my tongue. If you have any insight, please share.

Sigh. More Duran Duran frustration with the knowledge that they were in the city and I didn’t see them once. Except for when right before 2008 Central Park concert, Simon came out of the trailer right in front of me and I nearly had a fainting event (but had a panic attack–of happiness–instead).


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