Dish Upon a Star

Lots of Star Fertilization

Posted on: January 12, 2011

Jewel, Owen Wilson’s babymama and Marion Cotillard are PREGNANTS! It makes Dish happy that so much beauty will multiply. Though often, two beauties make an ugly child. You really need one beauty in a couple–which is how Dish was born stunning.

Speaking of stunning, Michael Douglas’s tumor is gone. He did to that tumor what his character in Fatal Attraction tried to do to Glenn Close in the bathtube. Oh…maybe that’s a cute one TG and I can watch before our wedding.

Because of my wedding, I excuse myself for all kinds of retail therapy (Zappo’s) and desperate acts, such as movies On Demand, makeup and delicious takeout from Mary Ann’s. I bought a Star Magazine, where I flipped through the section on stars without makeup. All the stars are lovely without makeup…except Tori.


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