Dish Upon a Star

Posing In Your Underwear for Armani Does Not Faze Me, Rafael Nadal!

Posted on: January 20, 2011

(You’re welcome, Gays). For years, Rafael has tried to tempt me with his scrappy tennis comebacks and sweaty dark tresses but Dish only has maternal feelings for Raffi. It fills me with joy that Giorgio Armani recognizes the modeling potential of my imaginary son. This venture will make him richer, which would benefit me had I actually given birth to such beauty. But no, I just have a blog.

I’m sure you know that Jesse James and Kat Von D are engaged. For obvious reasons, I have a hard time rejoicing, especially since Kat Von D has had so much success (I like her lipstick). I guess Jesse James can’t bear singledom. Why wouldn’t he want a super-successful woman to humiliate by his side?

Jessica Simpson’s relationship might be on the rocks, Taylor and Jake had dinner last night and I’m about to read the latest US Weekly.


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