Dish Upon a Star

I’m So Ashamed

Posted on: January 25, 2011

My heart twists with agony that I have been secretly watching The Bachelor. I vowed I’d never do it from Season 1 (finales are a different story). Brad Womack sounds like a younger version of Dr. Phil, the women appear needy (tears don’t work), but I want him to wind up with Emily. She is full of sweetness, a little sass and, best of all, she’s nice to all the girls. Some of desperation grabs me–like the chick who gave herself a black eye.

In other news, Judd Apatow has come out against Ricky Gervais’s Golden Globes (keep talking–he’ll get a standing ovation as he represents freedom of speech). If I were Judd, I would react to fresh, biting material, too, especially if all I did was crank out the same movie over and over again starring lovable pothead slackers who redeem themselves into more lovable and slightly-more productive slackers.

My favorite Monday facts are that Matthew Perry and Allison Janney will return to TV in Mr. Sunshine and Criminal Minds‘s spinoff starring Forest Whitaker also premieres in February. Get ready, TG! Marcel Proust, who?


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