Dish Upon a Star

Vices Always Catch Up To You…

Posted on: January 28, 2011

…unless you’re a few members of my family who lived hard and died of nothing related to their indulgences. There are those undeserving who are struck down for no good reason. Then there’s Charlie Sheen, who is doing that downward death spiral we all hate to watch. He was rushed to the hospital today, complaining of severe stomach pains after an alleged bender of booze, coke and escorts (this sounds too cliche to be real). He has five children, a string of fun movies and a hit TV show. Why does he want to die?

Dish watched Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps. I love glitzy movies about money, especially if they involve Michael Douglas. His best line: “Money is a bitch that never sleeps.” Oh Oliver Stone, how could you? Somehow, Douglas delivers the cool and the icky greasy hair with flair. I even enjoyed little sapling Shia Lebeouf.

Pigs are flying across New York City as Countess LuAnn started shooting on Law & Order: SVU. Can the Countess act as well as she sings? I have to watch. Never fear, I am holding back on some of my TV urges. Did not watch the finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills though thought about it for the entire hour.

Now, I’ll read my People Magazine with Nicole Kidman on the cover New Yorker. My tombstone: “Here Lies Dish. She watched a LOT of TV, but not as much as all you whores think.”


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