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I’m Sorry, Gale Harold, But I’m a Married Woman Now

Posted on: February 3, 2011

Friends of Dish might snarf their lattes at news that Hellcats has dropped off my radar. A little thing called MARRIAGE and TRUE LOVE took over my screen-stalking of Gale Harold. I neglected many of my loves, perhaps even Julia, but mostly Gale. Though I admire him from more of a distance, fer sherr I will catch up on Gale’s masterful portrayal of an earnest law professor. Watch and drool: Now when are he and Ashton Kutcher going to team up as brothers? Yes, I’m secretly a casting agent, too.

Say a prayer for darling Anderson Cooper who got punched-a-lot and is trapped in Dish’s former favorite civilization, Egypt. That country needs to bring back Cleopatra but leave Octavian behind. He ruined everything (though is my favorite Roman emperor).

Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry are in a vicious custody battle. A Dishacquaintance has come forward to bash Aubry’s character on a popular tabloid site. But…this Dishacquaintance also lacks character. I feel like screaming this to the website, but this would result in bad karma. One wonders where the real story lurks in this battle. Bottom line: one big mess for this poor child–not the parents. A celebrity custody battle can only be done in public and their daughter will suffer ten times more (look at Basinger/Baldwin dispute). Can’t these two just get along and hate each other in private?


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