Dish Upon a Star

Secretly Watching “The Bachelor”

Posted on: February 8, 2011

I’ll admit, I’m distracted. A girl just got denied a rose and shipped after she gushed about her growing affection for Brad. The reject tearfully is grateful that being with Brad helped raise her standards. He feels bad, needs to process his feelings. Can he? No because psycho Michelle storms into his place. How can I tear myself away from all these lies?

Oh wait, TGCat peed on the bed.

The watercooler is all abuzz about Christina Aguilera and lo on Page Six, her staff allegedly planned an intervention to get her to rehab. Maybe it’s a phase. Divorce, new boyfriend, child to raise, flagging career–I’d be hitting the bottle, too. Can’t she have her moment of crazy?

Speaking of which, Paul Haggis has left Scientology because of their stance of Proposition 8 (14 in QAF). Maybe without this, he’ll do something better than awful Crash. Yes, I have the audacity to hate that movie.


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