Dish Upon a Star

The Kids Are Okay

Posted on: February 10, 2011

Annette Bening is a national treasure and so relaxed and wonderful in The Kids Are All Right. As I snotted and hacked, I settled in for a cozy viewing of this two-hour Annette-fest. It’s fine, has good performances by everyone. I felt it could have been about every family, not just gay–which might have been the point. For all the dysfunction inherent in this (and every) family (Dish has some doozies in her own), the kids turned out well. I didn’t find the sizzle between Mark and Julianne all that believable but you never know. People have instances of crazy acting and relationships are complex. I tend to shy away from Mark Ruffalo movies–maybe it’s his voice–but I’m always amazed at how good he is.

Big news in The Land of Young Rich Stars Who Don’t Work: Ashlee Simpson filed for divorce from Pete Wentz. Then, the judge “remanded” Lindsay Lohan into custody because of theft. At his latest MSG concert, Prince (who doesn’t live in or come from TLoYRSWDW) pulled Kim Kardashian onto the stage to dance with him and she did nothing. Dish would have danced so hard with The Purple One. Well, after I fainted from the ecstasy of seeing him up close. Kim’s freeze might have been shock at his greatness.

My marriage gave me–I mean us–our 15 minutes of fame in the NYT, online and in print. Our notoriety got extended another 15 minutes recently and then in a couple weeks, Dish is being filmed again by one of her vendors. I’m starting to like this.


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