Dish Upon a Star

Star Sighting–Julianne Nicholson AGAIN!!!

Posted on: February 16, 2011

4:12 pm, 17th and 7th–Dish innocently going to get a latte when Julianne JUST HAPPENS to walk by (in miniskirt with long faun-like legs). Second consecutive sighting in a row. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Add to this, my delayed panic attack when an all-business man and his  polite daughter visit Dish & TG’s abode, which is up for grabs next month. He looked awfully familiar and I tried to contain my ecstasy. Could it have been Steven Soderbergh? I went onto Youtube and, no, SS is a little more goose-like in carriage. This guy was his twin, except more Woody Allen. Or maybe it was SS.

Dish finally watched Inception, which goes firmly in the latest trendy mindf*ck category (Memento, Minority Report, The Matrix, The Adjustment Bureau, Surrogates, oh the list goes on). Could not get through this dreamy What Is Reality festival of seriousness. I did learn something: I wish, wish, wish Leo would do a comedy. Or maybe…he’s just not funny.

To reporter Lara Logan (and all victims of sexual assault): Dish sends healing vibes. Cannot imagine what any of these mob-style violence victims have been going through. It must been overwhelming and awful. Brave souls everywhere.

It never goes away but it does get better…


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