Dish Upon a Star

Minor Agoraphobia

Posted on: February 24, 2011

New York overwhelms me almost every day. I’m not sure I want to stay here. Not enough nature, too many people on top of each other. The more crowds on the street, the more I don’t like being outside. After all day in front of the computer, reading, I lift my head and the sun is brutal, so are three-dimensional humans. And I have to talk to them, interact, pretend I am normal and social. After an hour of interaction, I do tend to enjoy myself and my time with others…a lot. It’s a matter of readjustment after extensive celebrity research. Tonight, Dish went to the theater district to hang in an old stomping ground (where I accidentally befriended a celebrity) and had a blast. People need people.

And you thought Charlie Sheen had problems. No really, Dish is thankful to be Dish. Sheen is in the news for crazy behavior almost every day–new girlfriend, asking ex-wives to move in close by, addiction specialist in house, blowing millions by not working and it’s just so hard to be Charlie. His ideal future bride, Lindsay, is allegedly headed to jail. A match made in heaven.

Why the dark tone? Perhaps last night’s Glee. I haven’t felt a thrill since the first Darren Criss appearance and his singing “Teenage Dream.”

The nail on the coffin, I’ve started reading Virginia Woolf: A Writer’s Diary. So many words. So intelligent, observant and articulate. So not US Weekly. I’m going to start calling TG “Leonard.” (But don’t worry, Dish would never want to replicate VW’s life!)


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