Dish Upon a Star

Fire Charlie Sheen

Posted on: February 25, 2011

..if only to eliminate one media outlet. He’s everywhere, being outrageous, crazy and offensive. Maybe we should take his advice and not fret about him. Leave him alone. Like before 2 and 1/2 Men when he barely had a career. Shall I state the obvious? That this is a terrible downward spiral, worse than I’ve ever seen for Sheen.

So much excitement starting tomorrow: Kelsey Grammer getting married. Where did my invite go? Are they mad my wedding was so amazing and theirs can’t compare? Dish’s wedding was a miracle 42 years in the making. You can see a middle-aged rich man marrying a 20-something blond every day of the week (that was mean). I’m getting into the Franco/Hathaway hype for the Oscars. They could be great or awful but at least it’s an attempt to do something different.

Until Sunday, Dish is immersing herself in Little House on the Prairie. Latest episode: Mr. Edwards watches over the girls while Ma and Pa boink under the stars go into town on a second honeymoon. Hijinks ensue and Ma realizes that while Pa is hot as beans, especially when he’s hammering wood with shirt off, she misses her girls.


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