Dish Upon a Star

Julia Dream

Posted on: February 27, 2011

Just as nature intended us to be BFFs, Julia Roberts appeared in my dream last night. I picked her up to go the Oscars. In the car, I was on my best behavior so no crazy-fan-rapid-fire questions (omg, how cool are you, love your cheekbones, where do you buy your yarn, I can’t stop watching Notting Hill even though your character was a cow, you and Danny are ssooooo cute together and oh I love New Mexico too, what do you think of me?). I remained serene and Julia-esque myself…until the car stopped for Jeff Bridges. He came out of a narrow break in the hedges. He had two sons following him and they were both high as kites. Jeff got on in on the driver’s side, his two high sons scrunched with me and Julia. Jeff proceeded to drive like a crazy person. Thoughts?

As predicted, Parker got the boot from the Spitzer/Parker show. She’s better off not sharing the stage with that jackass. So now it’ll be the LookAtMeSpitzerLookatMe Show (cue provocative closeups of the man who treated his family/New Yorkers like garbage). There are so many more appealing and benign narcissists I’d rather watch.


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