Dish Upon a Star

Star Sighting–Julianne Nicholson!!!

Posted on: March 2, 2011

It’s as if she’s camping out on 16th and 7th Avenue at 6:52pm every Tuesday! This time Julianne wore a white scarf. Lovely as always.

I have to do bulletpoints:

Christina Aguilera and her upstanding bf arrested for public intoxication and allegedly driving under the influence. Yes, she’s in full Britney-circa-2007 mode.

Sexy siren Jane Russell (the other woman in Gentleman Prefer Blondes) has passed on to Starlet-Heaven. Blessings on her comings and goings.

John Galliano fired from Dior for his outrageous anti-semitic remarks. Sugar-t*ts anyone? Celebrities are being so crazy nowadays (see next note).

Charlie Sheen’s verbal diarrhea continues! What can I say? Bring on John Stamos and I’d actually watch the show. The crew is getting paid for episodes of lost season.

An epic The Bachelor last night, involving dates in “fantasy suites.” Just another word for “boinking.” Thought adorable Emily would keep legs crossed but she caved.

Half-pint Melissa Gilbert and Bruce Boxleitner split. By sheer coincidence my second disk of Season 1 of Little House on the Prairie arrives today. Booked tickets to see Allison Arngrim’s show at Spin Cycle on June 17th (2 tickets, TG, which means you can go).


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