Dish Upon a Star

Celebrity Euthanasia!

Posted on: March 3, 2011

Thank goodness the U.S. has the attention span of a gnat. One scandal-ridden person in the headlines, then another. I’m sick of reading the tabs right now because only one boring sad person dominates them. I won’t say who but it makes me think that euthanasia should be practiced on humans more often.

On a more gray and withered note, Sean Penn and Scarlett Johanssen might have been in Mexico together. How could his shriveled, tar-tinged fingers come in contact with her peaches and cream melons? I do love him as an actor.

Finally, Dish has started the second season of Nurse Jackie. I figured out why Edie Falco looks older than her husband. Because she’s an addict. As with he who shall not be named who is in the headlines now, substance abusers tend to look like sh*t (I can already hear JJ saying, “So what’s your excuse, *%&$*?”). Of course, the husband would look better as he seems grounded. Love Edie’s sass and celebrate Nurse Jackie’s ability to juggle so much. She would be the perfect person to administer the fatal drip to certain marquis annoyances.


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