Dish Upon a Star

Raining in New York

Posted on: March 7, 2011

TG and I finally gave up the umbrella. You shred so many in New York. The winds are high with pedestrians flailing against Mother Nature. Kinda funny but not. We know what’s in the news. Dish is trying to avoid “Warlocks”, winning and tiger’s blood, understanding that next week will bring another headline.

Just flipped through Rupert Everett’s autobiography, going straight to the sections on Paula Yates and then Julia, of course. All I want is the smut, not literary narrative about childhood. Skipped the Madonna section. I feel like I know enough. Never enough about Julia.

Superheroes are getting a reboot: Wonder Woman via David E. Kelley; Superman via Zack Snyder (who seems to be making Sin City over and over again). Why can’t someone create a NEW superhero. Wonder how anyone can reinvent Wonder Woman. The costume alone needs modernizing.

Right now, Teri Hatcher’s kidney is failing on Desperate Housewives. She and boring Mike should go on a cruise and never come back.


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