Dish Upon a Star

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Posted on: March 11, 2011

Megan Fox stars as the brilliant protegee along with two OMPs, Mickey Rourke and Bill Murray. Passion Play comes out straight to DVD in May and I *have* to see how bad it is. Who will be her daddy or will it be a Groundhog Day/Angelheart gray turkey gizzard sex sandwich? MUST SEE.

In today’s uninteresting trainwreck, Ashlee Simpson has moved on to another man. And put on your lipstick, ladies. Tony Danza has filed for divorce. Aw, that’s sad. Who’s the Boss was awesome!

Dish goes to see Kathy Griffin tomorrow night on Broadway. JJ can close his eyes. It was rumored that she was dating the Old Spice Guy, Mustafa. If you’ve read her book, you know she’s probably not with someone as A-list as Mustafa. She’s probably banging Mustafa’s driver in some alley during intermission. Love Kathy!


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