Dish Upon a Star

Kathy Griffin Is A Broadway Star!!!

Posted on: March 12, 2011

Picture it: Tiffany comes out to pour Kath’s water–booming applause. Video clips begin, crowd goes ape as always (Cheyenne Jackson sitting two rows behind us!!!). Kathy then comes strutting out, wearing spandex pants and a black “Kath-eter” t-shirt. We were eight rows in–really close. I could see wrinkles (not age wrinkles, but denoting different planes on her face–no need for a lift!) and genuine Kathy molecules. Dish had only a few panic attacks at the celebrity proximity. Because KG’s never done Broadway before, she called her fairy godmother out to give her some tips. Dish and Dishbrother nearly wet themselves when Dishmama’s HEROINE OF ALL TIME Suzy Ormond (looking amazing) came out and told her to be herself. And that’s what Kathy did for the next two hours. Truly, a riot and works hard for a buck. Will say, since Kathy would love it, she’s REALLY skinny, like lollipop skinny in real life.

So, holy crap about Japan. Don’t you feel the world is coming to an end? Plus, Great White sharks are fading out, though I have heard this for decades. Another extinction is the Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel relationship, though they never struck me as a hot item. Jessica needs to stop doing makeup commercials and get back into movies fast. Dumped by A-list and you never recover.

As I was saying, the great balm to the world’s tragedies was Kathy Griffin. She didn’t go into Charlie Sheen too much, which was kind as well as depriving us gossip-hogs dirt. Plenty of other dissing. Now I’m going to follow Kristin Chenoweth who allegedly Tweets on Ambien. Thanks, Kath!


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