Dish Upon a Star

Waiting for Julia to Tweet

Posted on: March 13, 2011

It’s like the most anticipated celebrity dump. Hollywood’s intestines are clogged with thoughts under 140 characters–like what is Rob Thomas having for dinner tonight, Kat Von D is so proud of her man. Yes, Dish follows these celebs but waits for the most cosmic insight of all. Julia Roberts has joined Twitter but has yet to Tweet. Dish knows she’ll say something like: Donate $$ to Red Cross for Japan because Julia is selfless that way. She and George Clooney are well matched.

Almost as big is the news that Jake Gyllenhaal fought with a photog for trying to take a picture of his ween in the bathroom. Going too far? If I were a celeb, I wouldn’t use a public restroom. That’s why glass jars in limos were invented.

You can see I’m dealing with weighty issues. Not the least of which is how big my ass has gotten from chips, burgers and chocolate covered almonds ingested this weekend.


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