Dish Upon a Star

Honeymoon Day #2

Posted on: March 16, 2011

Mohonk is bliss. Except for the construction work and the trails are closed (secret yipee since Dish hates walking uphill). We had a breakfast buffet, played pool and had cordials. During the pool, I tried to channel Tom Cruise in The Color of Money. I gloated, tried to ruin TG’s concentration, took tricky shots, pranced, I lost both games. We went to the barn museum and looked at old carriage (made Dish think of Little House, coincidentally brought disk 4 of Season 1 with me just in case bored of nature). TG says he’s going swimming but remains fixated on his new BFF, iPad. Dish isn’t pretending she’s going to do anything productive.

Celebrities: Drew Barrymore is directing How to Be Single, based on Liz Tuccillo’s book. I’m sure it’ll be cute and TG can’t wait for it to come out. Reese Witherspoon might be getting married in a week. I’d rather see her in a great movie. And Jonathan Rhys Meyers might have roughed up a female airport worker last year and there are charges–or something. He does have that intense Do As I Say look about him. Loved him in Match Point. Where he kills someone.

Yes, I watched last night’s Glee (and every one before it) to see Kathy Griffin. She was fabulous, but her role was too small. Still wondering if Brad and Emily are still together after The Bachelor.


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