Dish Upon a Star

Honeymoon Day #3

Posted on: March 17, 2011

Dish had sad run-in with chocolate torte. Ate far too much gluten and had nightmares about my current arch-nemesis. Today I’ve started my Julia Roberts in America’s Sweethearts diet, i.e no bread. At 4pm is tea and cookies in the Lake Lounge. Dish will just have tea. TG will reap the benefits of constant dining. I’ve never seen him so happy.

Sandra Bullock has given 1M to the Red Cross in relief to Japan. Hey, George Clooney, can’t you scare up a telethon? It’s time! No one raises money like celebrities–as long as the celebs can at least match some of Sandra’s generosity. I love those telethons mostly for the good will but also for the acty-celebrity-seriousness.

Dishbrother is suggesting going to see Charlie Sheen’s Radio City Music Hall show. He’s sold out one show, now added another. Hard to know WHAT he could possibly say in two hours. The webcasts were boring crap. Now if the tickets were 20$, I’d consider it. Or if he gave 1/2 the proceeds to charity. Otherwise, another untalented loser if left unscripted. Japan is in crisis and Charlie is high on himself.


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