Dish Upon a Star

Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper Break Up!!!

Posted on: March 19, 2011

I didn’t see it as lasting but Dish is a strong believer in you-never-know. Wish Renee could meet someone amazing, who loves her squinty eyes, chameleon grace and birdlike runner’s build. Still can’t get out of head that Bradley Cooper tortures small animals in his off time from filming (too many episodes of Criminal Minds–I’m sure he’s a wonderful person). Limitless looks like a piece of crap an interesting commentary on the influence of pharmaceuticals on human agency.

A sad day for aging women in Hollywood–Diane Lane has been cast as Superman’s mother. That Secretariat role was a BAD move. She should have stuck with sexy Under the Tuscan Sun and Unfaithful type parts where she encounters freakish wind compelling her into a strange yet hot man’s apartment for shelter…and boinking.

And, if my evening couldn’t go more downhill, Bonnie Fuller writes this about Emily Maynard and Brad Womack’s relationship on The Bachelor–that it’s all fake: So many secret TV hours wasted while TG was at work. Reality TV has screwed me for the last time (Until Real Housewives of New York City!!!).


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