Dish Upon a Star

Salieri Would Be So Proud of Charlie Sheen!

Posted on: March 19, 2011

Picture it: I can’t get enough of Kathy Griffin so turned on to watch 50 and Not Pregnant. Within a couple minutes, TG flipped it off. You either love her or she grates on you. I love KG. She works her ass off and is a role model for tirelessness (I know what you think, JJ).

Let the hyperventilating continue: DD gives good video. Duran Duran’s rerelease of “All You Need Is Now” is days away.

Dish off to see The Lincoln Lawyer. Will not be able to stop thinking about Matthew McConaughey’s armpits as he professes not to use deodorant. I hear that he’s good in this and thank goodness! Have not LOVED him since A Time to Kill and Contact. Armpits.

Lost in Virginia Woolf’s diary. Might subject TG to The Hours, if only to see the excellent chemistry between Nicole and whosiwhatsit who played Leonard. Bad prosthetic nose.

Charlie Sheen’s show 75 minutes long? Okay, that’s doable. Dish could easily teach her former high school French IV classes in that time. I’ll send Sheen some lesson plans. Can’t you tell he’s trying to get away with the bare minimum? Mediocrity LIVES!


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