Dish Upon a Star

Is Kirstie Alley a Delight Again?

Posted on: March 22, 2011

Kristie ruled Dancing with the Stars and showed that success is all about attitude. She has it in spades. What a goddess. I’m ready for her to dazzle the world again! Scientology contingent in the front row.

By contrast, Victoria Jackson’s still speaking out against homosexuality, putting the Bible as evidence of its immorality. I’m putting Bridget Jones’s Diary forward as the new Bible and Bridget is the new Jesus–it’s newer than the Bible and all inclusive. Let’s smoke, drink, make love and go bananas together! Phew. Load off shoulders. Wonder if VJ feels the same revulsion watching hetero-couples kiss. They’ve dominated movies/TV for far too long. Speaking of which, wouldn’t you love to bring Queer As Folk back? Please, Showtime. Let Babylon reign again.

Today in violence: Rihanna beater/musician Chris Brown allegedly threw a terrifying tizzy on GMA, destroying property. Nice. Michael Lohan was arrested last night for even more brutal behavior, throwing his ex-fiancee across the room. Charm School not mandatory for these bozos.


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