Dish Upon a Star

Did You Watch “Mildred Pierce?”

Posted on: March 29, 2011

Dish JUST got rid of HBO (to justify getting DVR) so missed Mildred Pierce last night. I will rent it, even though first reviews from friends (except for JJ) have been poor, saying that it’s boring. Joan Crawford is tough to top or even equal.

Fellow Duranies, Simon Le Bon threw out his back right before his performance tonight–so had to re-SHedule. Wonder what tipped off the spasm. Today’s lesson: Stilettos can be murder on the lumbar region.

I’m over them as a couple but Scarlett allegedly brought Sean Penn to Reese’s wedding. Can you imagine all those celebrities using the same bathroom? The artifacts one could collect–dizzying. Though Dish has her boundaries.

Suckerpunch did poorly at the box office and not sure why this makes me happy. Probably because it looks and feels too derivative of Sin City/300/The Spirit/The Watchmen?

Dishbrother continues to torture me with Charlie Sheen packages. Oh, that didn’t sound good. Can you believe? A whole few days without him in the headlines. HAS BEEN.

Moving day coming soon. We are rechannelling to larger quarters. To combat this intense stress, will watch the premiere of the always excellent Nurse Jackie. The Godiva is gone. What’s left in the medicine cabinet?


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