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Recovering from the royal wedding all day. I had two choices last night: 1. Pull an all-nighter so that TG could get a good night’s sleep. 2. Risk sleeping through alarm clock which I’d done during the Australian Open, missing crucial matches. I chose #1 and loaded up on caffeine, knitting, and watched Kate/Will coverage from 12-8:30. To say I had a migraine is understating, but I was determined to get to the kiss on the balcony. From the second Wills got into the Bentley to go to Westminster Abbey, I had goosebumps. Kate’s dress was interesting, reminded me a little of a workout uniform on top with the cut and the v-neck, with more traditional skirt. Fetching overall. Kate’s veil, tiara were gorgeous, too. I’m not sure how she got through the hour-long ceremony in one piece. I would have spent the entire time kneeling at the pew, sneaking Ativan while pretending to wipe my nose. Loved the music, the tradition with some breaking of rules. And for heaven’s sake, Queen Elizabeth looked like a cute little marshmallow Peep in that fabulous yellow getup. Spectacular. Fresh as a daisy at 8:00am, TG rolled in and called the whole royal wedding “meaningless.” Thanks! No going to see Duran Duran for him. I crashed and now I don’t want to see any more coverage.

By the middle of the afternoon, I could open my eyes fully and caught Morning Glory, starring Rachel McAdams as a spastic producer who has to whip Harrison Ford into shape while boinking Patrick Wilson. Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford have excellent chemistry and I wish it had been more about them. All we get is his hand on her ass at the end. What about Something’s Gotta Give II? The network in the movie was IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome–wink wink). Not really worth a rent.


Modern divas tend to be all talk and skimpy on what counts (talent and integrity), which is what I seemed to encounter a bit too much recently. Must be courteous and nice, when I would love to pull a Nurse Jackie and tell these dorkuses eff themselves, especially a nasty young blonde who mouthed off for no reason at a Duane Reade counter-person for an innocent mistake.

This week, I spent hundreds of dollars on God knows what, money disappearing in general on essentials, regretted my splurge on awesome Tom Ford glasses since they weren’t necessary even though my old glasses are ratty, obligations are amassing that will most likely require tranquilizers, envious of acquaintance whose Twitter announced she was front row at Duran Duran concert which brings back teen “missing out” angst in agonizing waves, air conditioning smells like an unwashed person living inside it and came home to kitty yakking everywhere. The Universe is telling Dish to go dark for a few days (but never dark on gossip), stay in the recesses and watch action take place. Like Jack Bauer, I am always on the move. Psyche saved by tonight’s emotional The Office and Real Housewives of New York City. Of course, am waking up at 4am to watch royal wedding. Must always stay true to pop-culture-obsessed self.

Of course, I am all talk, too, and mostly happy. First person to blame rant on my cycle gets a smack.

I liked The Fighter, even though it reminded me of every other boxing movie I’d ever seen. Because of Bale’s Supporting Actor win, I expected him to dominate, but really, there’s so much more of Mark Wahlberg training and French-kissing Amy Adams. Mark always uses tongue with his co-stars, which gives the make-out sessions an air of authenticity. I always adore when the sweet young thing tends to the boxer’s injuries–and then they make out, even if he’s sweaty and gross.

Bale is fantastic as the stringy, crack-addled brother and his charisma, to me, was so believable. He aptly showed the complexity of a screwed up, lovable brother who’d long-since peaked. He deserved an Oscar, I hate to say it. I loved the cliched training montage scenes because they made me want to work out. Felt Melissa Leo chewed too much scenery, though perhaps this was true to the real character. It read a little like “You effed me out of the Oscar for Frozen River, by God, I’m getting one now.” Overall, I rooted for the good guys and got misty at the end. Better than Cinderella Man by far.

By sheer coincidence, I read that Alice Ward (played by Leo) died today.

He gives Gingies a bad name. After all this hoopla, Obama released his birth certificate. Wonder if Catholic President JFK was ever asked to prove his legitimacy. This country can’t handle when a non-WASP takes office. If Hillary had been President, I’m sure Trump would have asked her to prove she was a woman. The world would be dull without idiots we can make fun of. I hope Trumpster runs for President. Wouldn’t that be a circus?

All hell has broken loose on Brothers & Sisters. In case you stopped watching, 40+ years ago Nora Walker couldn’t keep her legs closed and questions arise about Sarah’s biological father. Kevin and Tommy (I have no idea what their freaking names are) have a child stolen by Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig’s confused daughter! Such drama, Thirty-Something style only with looser morals and no horny, whiny bearded redheads, though I could see Timothy Busfield making a cameo as Nora’s long-lost something. Or…Patricia’s secret husband! Then it really would be Thirty-Something, which I watched when I was -7.

Glee: So tired of the ballads. The best part was the mall “Barbra Streisand” scene. Love that Emma comes out as OCD, that I Never Promised You a Rose Garden‘s Kathleen Quinlan was her shrinkipoo and that Emma finally takes the damn pills. Sometimes you need them. Not enough Sue Sylvester in this episode.

Kate Hudson is engaged.

Here’s a hilarious little bit about Joey Slotnick. Love the reference to irritating sit-coms in the late 1990s. They WERE irritating–and so temporary!

Thanks, Dishmatronofhonor!

Not only is he a year older, still twirling those sticks, but he’s aged magnificently. This is so insulting, yet I mean it in a nice way. For a really old person, he looks GREAT. No worries, I’m right on his heels. Here’s to Roger and his tremendous talent! He’s given Duranies around the world–especially Dish–ecstasy. Not *that* kind of ecstasy, maybe in the 80s. Just kidding…!

Dish feels quite happy over the strides made. Three years ago, I was in a puddle of misery, and now I experience joy I never thought possible. I may not have Donald Sutherland as my father (hubba hubba), a great estate in Pemberley or 4 sisters (can you say Kotex?), but I love my family, friends, and the new addition of TG–who thinks my art is brilliant.

Perez Hilton alleges that Lindsay Lohan will spend very little time in jail. Celebrity Justice, yay! Though, it does amaze me how some celebs like Lindsay get skewered, spend their lives in a courtroom, while others get away with murder, shooting their spouses accidentally, or other thuggery.

Most important and thanks to Dishbrother for passing me this gem. Julia has gone back to being a blonde–though I didn’t realize she’d gone brunette since EPL. Such a step back to her “Danny and I bless-ed to be having twins” on Oprah days. See for crucial update!

Paul Reiser was a cranky-puss on The Tonight Show about his show being axed. TG and I watched it and found it uncompelling–maybe a little passe. Loved Mad About You, don’t think today’s younger viewers would get it. There’s not enough trainwreck/blood/law enforcement/teen sex in whining old men comedies. The days of Frasier, Seinfeld, Becker are over…for now. Look forward to seeing them again.

Spotted by Dishbrothersidekick at about 2pm on 4/25/11 at 96th station, Joey Slotnick, aka the redhead in The Single Guy (think Timothy Busfield of the late 1990s). Played a fabulous sleazoid in Nip/Tuck. Joey was approached by a fan on the subway platform. He didn’t seem happy or angry about it.

Redheads rule!