Dish Upon a Star

Movie Day 1

Posted on: April 1, 2011

I’m light on gossip, heavy in the hips thanks to desperate cupcake and salted caramel square from Starbucks. I did it for Judge Judy who fell ill during her filming. The woman does ten cases a day, which amounts to five episodes. Now there’s a work ethic.

Saw action photos of the new Wonder Woman. I liked the stills but on the run she looks like a string bean in a gym outfit circa 1993.

Bad reviews for Katie Holmes on her portrayal of Jackie O, that she was caricaturish and had a weird accent. Wasn’t Jackie O a bit larger than life and accenty? I just remember Pieces of April and The Gift and know there’s a good actress somewhere.

Right now…Dish is packing all night long. Caught up on The Good Wife and Alan Cummings is my new favorite actor. Brilliance! Like chemistry between Julianna and Chris Noth. No real spark with Will though haven’t seen the second season.


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