Dish Upon a Star

Mr. Coulson Gets Married

Posted on: April 3, 2011

Right now, Duran Duran must be finishing their show at Foxwoods. HELL! What did Dish do? Emptied boxes. Oh and was filmed to be on a wedding related website because not only are Dish and TG gorgeous, but the love story is beyond phenomenal. Poor TG didn’t get to speak because I yapped my face off. Poor TG.

In 1999, if you knew Dish and most women in America who’d seen Never Been Kissed, Michael Vartan was the reason for many heavy sighs. That last kiss with Drew Barrymore…well, it still gives me goosebumps. I won’t add that in 1999, I hadn’t been on a date in almost three years (ExBF8 had left a nasty scar–now is a shrink in NYC, BEWARE!). Long story long, I adored Michael Vartan…until I realized he reminded me of Sniffles (ExBF4). I knew that if Michael and I had dated, I would have grown out of him within six months. After this epiphany, I instantly fell out of love for him. A moot point since I adore TG and Michael just got hitched today! Congratulations to the Vartans!

Charlie Sheen is probably done with his show in Detroit. Wonder what in blazes he yakked about for 75 minutes. Here’s a performance:


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